Anti-Bullying Policy

Carrigaline Community School Anti-Bullying Policy

‘Bullying is not tolerated.’

The school operates on the premise of respect for self, others and property.

The school provides for and organises a comprehensive programme of education aimed at discouraging bullying. This is achieved through the school curriculum and through an anti-bullying awareness week, co-ordinated by the CSPE Department.


‘Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, physical or psychological, conducted by an individual or group against others.’ This includes the abuse of text messaging and social networking.

Policy Statement

  1. We recognise the rights and responsibilities of parents to ensure that children
    • do not engage in this behaviour
    • do not suffer from this behaviour
  2. Our school offers support for those:
    • who are affected by bullying behaviour
  3. The school Principal shall implement, under the direction of the Board of Management, appropriate sanctions in relation to instances of bullying including exclusion, suspension and/or expulsion.


The school relies on the support of pupils and parents to ensure that bullying behaviour is not tolerated. It is school policy that the parents of a pupil bullying and/or being bullied will be interviewed, permitted to state their case and receive a warning regarding any future breaches.

An instance of bullying should be reported to any staff member by the person being bullied, a parent, pupil or teacher.

  • A staff member will initially deal with reported instances of bullying.
  • The Class Teacher and Year Head will be notified and, where necessary, will investigate the alleged behaviour.
  • Members of the School Welfare Team will be consulted and involved as required. (This team includes our Guidance team and chaplain.)
  • Serious individual or repeated instances will be referred to the Deputy Principals and Principal.
  • Sanctions will be employed within the context of the school Code of Behaviour. (Refer to section 11).