3rd Year Booklist 2019/2020

    • Retain all texts and copies from 2nd Year
    • Mol an Oige 3 (Higher Level)
    • Examination Papers (Gnáth/Ordinary; Árd/Higher) - An Comhlacht Oideachais/Edco only
    • Retain 2nd Year texts
    • Geometry Set, Formulae & Tables Book, Boxed Project Maths A4 Copy
    • Scientific Calculator (Sharp Write View EL531T)
    • Please check lists of permitted calculators on www.examinations.ie
    • Examination papers to be purchased when advised by teacher
    • Retain 1st and 2nd Year texts
    • Examination papers when available
    • Junior Cycle play to be prescribed later
    • English Dictionary (Non Schools' Edition)
    • Retain 1st and 2nd Year texts and portfolio folder
    • Timebound (Folens)
    • Retain 1st and 2nd Year texts
    • Past exam papers when available
    • Retain 2nd Year texts
    • Past exam papers when available
    • Retain:
      • Essential Science (D. Kennedy)
      • Retain Essential Science Lab. Notebook (D. Kennedy)
      • Essential Science Workbook (D. Kennedy)
    • 2 Laboratory notebooks (A4 size)
    • Retain 2nd Year book
    • Retain: Deutsch fur Alle 1 & 2 (Quinn & McGrath, Folens)
    • Retain: Textbooks, Workbooks, Copies, Language Portfolio Folder and Dictionary
    • Examination Papers (Edco)
  • CSPE
    • Retain Take A Stand text book & student portfolio (H. Holmes & R. Clougher, Mentor)
    • Retain Hardback A4 copy
  • SPHE
    • Minding Me 2 – My Wellbeing (F. Chambers/A. Jones/A. Stackpoole, Mentor)
    • A4 Hardback Copybook (retained from 1st Year)

Option Subjects: Texts to be purchased for selected subjects only

    • Retain 2nd Year text
    • 300mm Timber ruler (zero end measurement), 45ºset square
    • A4 Nature Study Book (Hardback)
    • Basic Engineering Technology (S. Ó Tuairisg, CJ Fallon)
    • Retain Understanding Technical Graphics (J. & T. O’Sullivan,Gill & McMillan) - no workbook required
    • 1 Good Quality Compass, 45º/60º set squares
    • A4 Ring binder, H Pencil, T-Square
    • Retain 2nd Year text, Learning for Life
    • Retain A4 hardback copy and plastic pocket display book (80 pockets)
  • ART
    • Art, Craft & Design textbook (Holahan & Roche, Gill & McMillan)
    • Half Imperial size Art folder (A2)
    • A4 Sketch Book (cartridge paper, 100 gm)
    • Pencils: B, 2B, 4B, 6B: Fine Pen – Black
    • Rubber, Ruler, Pencil sharpener
    • Paints: Poster Paint (Rowney or Windsor & Newton): Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White.
    • Brushes: (soft) Small, Medium, Large. (nos.4, 8, 12 approx.)
    • Retain Get Started! Junior Cycle Business Studies (M. Hynes, Folens)
    • 1 Calculator, 1 Pocket file, 1 Calculator, Erasable Pen
    • Purchase examination papers as directed by teacher in September
  • MUSIC 
    • Retain all texts and notes from 2nd Year
    • Junior Cert exam papers to be purchased

Official Homework Journal for all pupils available from school in late August - cost €10.
All pupils will require 2 x 88 page copybooks per subject unless otherwise specified.

Bookshop 2019 - Carrigaline Community School

NEW TEXTS ONLY (High Street Books)
Saturday 6th July & Saturday 17th August: 10a.m. – 2p.m.

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