Principal’s Welcome – TY

Welcome to Fourth Year 2019/2020!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your son/daughter to Fourth Year and I am sure that as the year progresses, you will realise that you have made the correct decision in allowing your child to join the programme.

As we outlined at our Parent Information Evening earlier this year, the Fourth Year programme is significantly different to the other courses of study which we offer at CCS. During the year students will be obliged to compile a portfolio of work, which will be assessed four times during the school year. The deadlines for submission will be outlined to students in September and must be strictly adhered to. The portfolio will be on display for your perusal on the Fourth Year Parent Night in May. However, I would suggest that you monitor the progress of the portfolio from time to time, as it will keep you in touch with the work undertaken by Fourth Year students. As you are aware from the Parent Information Meeting, participation over the course of the academic year will also contribute to the students overall grade at the end of the academic year.

Another compulsory element of Fourth Year is the Work Experience fortnight, scheduled to take place from Monday February 24th to Friday March 6th 2020. I would advise you to encourage your son/daughter to secure a suitable placement as early as possible (ideally during the summer holidays). A part-time job is not regarded as work experience as it does not give full exposure to the world of work. A work placement, as you know, involves interviews, new colleagues, assertiveness, learning new skills, punctuality and of course, responsibility. We advise parents that work experience is restricted to these two weeks due to student involvement in many other aspects of the Fourth Year programme throughout the year. There will be a list of work experience destinations from last year’s Transition Year students on display in the school from the beginning of September. Students may contact any of the employers listed.

During the school year a wide variety of activities are offered free to the students. Many other activities and events are subsidised by the school. However, we wish to advise that a fee of €160 will be payable at the start of the school year to cover the following costs incurred by all Transition Year students:

  • Ballyhass day trip
  • Health & Fitness Ireland two-day in-school programme
  • Microsoft Office Specialist examinations
  • Reach+ careers programme
  • DATS (Differential Aptitude Testing)Religion Copy

Additional activities and optional School Exchange Programmes will be offered during the school year 2019/2020 at varying costs. In relation to the organisation of CCS Transition Year Activities, I wish to advise parents/guardians that all activities must have the express approval of the Board of Management prior to their organisation. We hope that students will enjoy and benefit from the programme planned for the new school year.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Burke
Secretary – Board of Management