Senior Cycle Options 2020

A parent information night for Senior Cycle options 2020 was held on February 3rd, providing parents with information on Transition Year, Leaving Cert. Applied and 5th Year subject options.

Click on the links below to download the various presentations. 

NB: Closing date for 3rd Year applications for Transition Year and Leaving Certificate Applied is Friday February 7th. Closing date for 5th Year subject choice and Transition Year students wishing to apply for LCA is Friday February 7th.

Students will be required to undergo an interview process for Transition Year and Leaving Cert. Applied, and not all applicants can be guaranteed places. A fee (amount to be confirmed) will apply to Transition Year which is separate to the normal re-registration fee.

Further advice and information is available from the school's Guidance Counsellors.

Senior Options 2019 5th Year Subject Choice

Senior Options 2019 Transition Year

Senior Options 2019 Transition Year Subjects


List of senior cycle subjects for 2020

English, Irish (unless exempt) & Maths

Four further subjects from the following list:

  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • Home Economics (Social and Scientific)
  • Economics
  • French
  • Music
  • German
  • Business
  • Physical Education**
  • Design and Communication Graphics
  • Art
  • Construction Studies
  • History
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Politics and Society*
  • Computer Science*

*New subjects from September 2018

**New subject from September 2020

Students also take PE, ICT, Religion, RSE and Wellbeing.


The L.C.A. programme is a unique approach to education and learning. It is an innovative programme in the way the students learn, in what they learn and in the way their achievements are assessed. In essence, it is a continuous assessment course with final state examinations accounting for a third of all marks. Students gain credits for applying their knowledge, skills and experience to practical tasks at school, in the workplace and in the wider community.


The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme provides students with the opportunity to realise their potential for self directed learning, for innovation and for enterprise. Students follow this programme as part of the Leaving Certificate. It is currently available to students who select particular combinations of Leaving Certificate subjects.